Friday, March 6, 2015

So another snow day.  I have worked exactly six days over the last three weeks.  I have definitively decided that dealing with 22 seven year olds on a daily basis is easier than dealing with my two four year olds.  I love my kids, of course.  I read on Facebook how happy all of my teacher friends are to have the day to spend with their little ones.  They post pictures of them idyllically playing in the snow.  Which I read as I am breaking up yet another fight.  It's not that my kids are bad, but we are all sick of the weather and bring stuck home with one another.  It has not brought out the best in week three.  As a single mom, I often wonder if I would feel differently, if I would feel idyllic myself, if I knew that at 5:00 I would have another person there to help me.  To change the dynamic, to give me a break.  Maybe the kids would feel differently, anticipating the return of another adult.  I don't have that, so I just do the best I can.  According to Facebook I am in the minority of hating these snow days.  Wondering how otter single parents feel?

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